Current teaching at the Department of Global Political Studies (2018– ) and recently at the Department of Language and Linguistics, Malmö University, (2013-2017) includes different modules within the area studies courses Caucasus Studies (info folder) and also Russian and Bilingualism and Identity.

At the School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) and later the Department of Language, Migration and Society (2002-2012) most of the teaching involved the programme Language, Migration and Globalisation (info booklet in English; program description in Swedish) and the bachelor subject Language and Culture Studies (with the modules (in Swedish): Languages of the World, Linguistic diversity, Languages in contact, The human language, Language and society, The structure and function of language, Theory and method: language). In 2007 we started the area studies courses Caucasus Studies and the Russian online course.

At the Department of Linguistics, Lund University, the courses taught in General Linguistics (1985-2002) were: Världens språk, Grammatik, Sociolingvistik, Psykolingvistik, Kontrastiv grammatik, Ett från svenska starkt avvikande språks struktur,  Georgian, as well as several courses in the European Master’s Degree in Linguistics, such as  Typological linguistics, Språktypologi och språkliga universaler, Sociolinguistics and Language Planning  in the European Context, Caucasian Linguistics.