1998. Professor Mukhadin A. Kumakhov, was awarded an honorary doctorate of Lund University, Sweden, in 1998. Professor Kumakhov (1928-2008) was a prominent specialist on the Circassian languages and the author of numerous monographs and articles. Three monographs on the Circassian languages were published in Sweden co-authored with Prof. Karina Vamling.

1997. Conference on Kartvelology and Linguistics at Kutaisi University. This was in the difficult period of the mid 1990s but the scientific spirit and enthusiasm was high (Part 1), and so were the efforts of the staff to organise a great and memorable conference. The participants visited the Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery / A traditional Georgian supra concluded the conference.

2005. Caucasus Studies conference in 2005 on Language, History and Cultural Identities in the Caucasus (Malmö University, Sweden). Papers from the conference are available online at

2008. During their stay in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, researchers Magnusson and Vamling, Malmo University (Sweden), witnessed rapidly escalating Russian-Georgian hostilities. Research activities scheduled for the field trip to Georgia starting on August 8 2008 had to be cancelled.

2010. Caucasus Studies was established as a new field of study at the Department of International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER). Head of Department Jonas Alwall opens the seminar. With Märta-Lisa Magnusson and Karina Vamling.

2014. Introduction by Prof. Karina Vamling, Malmö University (Sweden). Many papers at the 1st International CUA Conference on Endangered Languages (13-16 October 2014) focused on languages of the Caucasus. The conference was organized by Ardahan University (Turkey), the Caucasus University Association (CUA) and the Turkish Language Association (TLA). More info:…

2018. Visit to the University of Kabardino-Balkaria (Nalchik), October 18, 2018. Performances in Kabardian by students (Kabardian is a Northwest Caucasian language)

2018. В октябре в Кабардино-Балкарии побывала Карина Вамлинг – профессор университета Мальмё (Швеция). Карина – специалист по общему языкознанию, является соавтором нескольких работ по черкесскому языку (вместе с профессором М. Кумаховым). Во время своего визита в Нальчик, Карина Вамлинг встретилась со студентами адыгского отделения КБГУ [Shebzukho Astemir]

2018. Opening and clips from the conference ‘Promoting International Dialogue and Protecting Cultural Heritage in the Caucasus’ December 5-6 at RUCARR, Malmö University (