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Kartvelological Congress at the Georgian Academy of Sciences

IMG_2169On September 26-29 the Georgian Academy of Sciences organized the II International Kartvelological Congress, celebrating ‘100 years of Tbilisi State University’, with sections on language, history, archeology, literature, art etc. It was opened by the President of the Academy Giorgi Kvesitadze, Academician, Prof. Roin Metreveli, Rector of Tbilisi State University, Prof. Giorgi Sharvashidze and Academician and Honary President of the Academy Tamaz Gamqrelidze.

pptI was honored to give a welcome address and had my plenary presentation the same day: ‘A Swedish travelogue from a journey to Georgia in 1920’ about the book Min dotters bröllopsresa till Kaukasien (My daughter’s wedding trip to the Caucasus, in Swedish) by Hugo Wachtmeister.

IMG_2174Two presentations illustrated here from the Linguistics ‘session were given by Prof. Alice C. Harris (Massachusetts, USA): ‘Why Linguists Love the Georgian Language’ (to the left) and Dr Alessandro Maria Bruni ( Venice, Italy): The Old Georgian tradition of the book of Esther and its value for the criticism of the Bible’ (to the right).