Award for contributions to the Georgian language abroad

Director Manana Gegidze (left) with Karina Vamling

At the annual event “Georgian Brand Day” creative and innovative persons and organisations were awarded for their contributions to the development of Georgia and Georgian society in entrepreneurship, culture, design, media and research. It was a great honour to receive an award for my contributions to Caucasology and more specifically for my contribution to the advancement of the Georgian language abroad (Georgian online at Malmö University): ” სა­ზღვარ­გა­რეთ ქარ­თუ­ლი ენის პო­პუ­ლა­რი­ზა­ცი­ა­ში შე­ტა­ნი­ლი წვლი­ლის­თვის”.

The festive ceremony “Georgian Brand Day” took place on December 26, at Biltmore hotel in Tbilisi. The most prominent award was given to the well-known Georgian composer Vazha Azarashvili.

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