Parallels in Russia’s actions in the former Soviet republics

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine one year ago has had devastating humanitarian and far-reaching security policy consequences . One year ago on February 24 2022, together with coauthor Märta-Lisa Magnusson, we published the article “The world must be more attentive to patterns in Russia’s actions in the former Soviet republics” (link). It refers to parallels in Russia’s interventions in Crimea, Georgia and Chechnya with the current development in Ukraine. Even earlier, in March 2014, the pattern was clear, seen from the Caucasus: “Russia’s intervention in Ukraine shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone” (link).

Now, on February 24 2023, in a new article “Russia loses influence in favor of Turkey”, we discuss again effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine on Moscow’s relations with other former Soviet republics, especially in the South Caucasus.

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