Field trip

Caucasian literary festival in Anaklia

grabilla.L30273The International Caucasian literary festival Anaklia-2019 is a unique event with almost the entire Caucasus represented.

It’s an event that goes beyond political borders. Organizing this festival, the Circassian Cultural Center, continues its active work in protecting the cultural heritage of the Caucasus, which was reflected in the programme with presentations and performances in many languages.

Listen to the poetic languages of the Caucasus

Among the presenters at Anaklia-2019 on September 20-23 were writers, poets, translators, linguists, ethnologists, journalists, and several languages of the Caucasus shared the floor: Avar, Dargwa, Chechen, Ingush, Circassian, Abkhaz, Megrelian, Ossetic, Georgian – being translated into English and Russian. The event was beautifully framed, with the opening held in front of the monument commemorating the Circassian exodus and the closing of the festival in the ruins of the Anaklia fortress.

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