Work in progress on fieldwork in the Caucasus

Tbilisi, Lenin Square 1988 (now Freedom Square). Foto ©K. Vamling
Working session at Hagen

Working with co-editor Dr.  Märta-Lisa Magnusson on our book project based on fieldwork in the Caucasus in the years shortly before and following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

This year 30 years have passed since the South Caucasian republics became independent states!

Swedish and Danish researchers contributing to this volume are:

Ib Faurby
Lars Funch Hansen
Helen Krag
Märta-Lisa Magnusson
Søren Theisen
Karina Vamling

All the authors were engaged in field research and travelled in the Caucasus during this period, both in the North and South Caucasus.

Such a stimulating working environment in the peaceful Swedish countryside in Värmland! Thank you, Märta-Lisa and Willy for having us!