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It’s a milestone that our online Georgian course has been running for 20 years! We started at Lund University in 2001 and a couple of years later the course moved to Malmö University. It has been amazing to see all the Swedish and international students following the course. When we started in 2001 there were not so many online courses around and the technical possibilities were very different. The concept of setting up a free flexible online course with instruction in English proved to be long-lasting!

ქართული ენა. Georgiska

Grammatisk översikt med texter och ordlista
Karina Vamling & Revaz Tchantouria

Actually, the course goes further back in time. It is based on an overview of Georgian grammar that was written (in Swedish) in 1988 and used for a course on Georgian at Lund University. In connection with the anniversary events we turned the material into an ebook with grammar, texts, audiofiles, Georgian/Swedish wordlists and exercises and added photos from Georgia 1988 as illustrations.

Download the ebook

The ebook (epub3) is available at Malmö University, download here:

To read the book and listen to the embedded audio files you need an epub3 reader, such as Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 (free).

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