Complementation in Kabardian – now online

Mukhadin Kumakhov & Karina Vamling. (1998): Complementation in Kabardian (in Russian)

The monograph Дополнительные конструкции в кабардинском языкеComplementation in Kabardian – is now available online in full version. It was published (in Russian) already in 1998 at Lund University, coauthored with Prof. Mukhadin Kumakhov at the Institute of Linguistics in Moscow.


The monograph is a study of complementation in Kabardian, a language belonging to the West Caucasian group. For the first time subordinate clauses in Kabardian are analysed in the framework of a semantically based classification of matrix predicates and selected types of complement predicates. Various types of nonfinite forms occur as complement predicates, such as participles, gerunds, infinitiives and masdars. Among other phenomena investigated in relation to complementation are negation, interrogative, causative, imperative and coordinative constructions. Of particular interest is the case marking of subjects and objects as well as their coreferential relations in complementation. The introductory part of the monograph includes a sketch of the grammar of Kabardian.

Mukhadin Kumakhov visited the Department of Linguistics at Lund University for several longer periods in the mid 1990s (with support from the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences and the Swedish Institute) and worked with Karina Vamling on different topics in Circassian linguistics.

Honorary doctorate in 1998
Photo after the ceremony in Lund cathedral, 1998, when Prof. Mukhadin Kumakhov was awarded the distinction Honorary Doctor at Lund University (K. Vamling to the left).

The year 1998 was a very special year in our collaboration. In addition to the publication of Дополнительные конструкции в кабардинском языке, which was our first coauthored monograpph, Prof. Mukhadin Kumakhov was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Lund University.

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