May 21, 1864

This day is the Circassian Day of Remembrance and Mourning, when Circassians in many countries around the world gather to commemorate May 21, 1864, that marks the end of the Russo-Caucasian war and the Circassians’ fierce struggle since the end of the 18th century to defend their lands […]

Ukrainian colleagues and friends!

Dear Ukrainian colleagues and friends! Our thoughts are constantly with you in Odessa and in other parts of the Ukraine in this terrifying situation of aggression that we are witnessing now in Ukraine, when the existence of so much that we value highly is severely threatened. We look […]

Awarded the Rettig Prize by the Royal Academy

Very honoured and proud to have been awarded the Rettig Prize (Rettigska priset) 2022 by Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities for my contributions to Caucasus Studies! დიდი პატივია და საამაყოა შვედური სამეფო აკადემიისაგან ჰუმანიტარული, ისტორიული და ანტიკური მეცნიერების დარგში “Rettig Prize” 2022 პრიზის მიღება ჩემი […]

Complementation in Kabardian – now online

The monograph Дополнительные конструкции в кабардинском языке – Complementation in Kabardian – is now available online in full version. It was published (in Russian) already in 1998 at Lund University, coauthored with Prof. Mukhadin Kumakhov at the Institute of Linguistics in Moscow. Abstract The monograph is a study […]


This year has been a year when I have looked back in time. In two publications I have returned to Georgia in 1988 and the last Soviet years. Together with Märta-Lisa Magnusson and other colleagues we published the anthology “Vi såg sammanbrottet” (We witnessed the break-up – Six […]

Quiz on the fall of the Soviet Union

It was fun to make a new “Saturday quiz” for the daily newspaper Sydsvenskan. The topic of the quiz this time was the Soviet Union, and more specifically, the fall of the Soviet Union, now 30 years ago. I wrote the quiz together with my colleague Prof. Bo […]